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Premier Capital Solutions (PCS) is committed to providing our referring agents and homeowners the communication, transparency, and expertise that is required to successfully close a short sale and other foreclosure alternative programs. Through the strategic partnerships we have created with banks, law firms, and real estate professionals, along with our proprietary technology, we are able to provide innovative solutions to our clients. We thoroughly analyze each transaction to reduce the impact of foreclosure and ensure a successful closing.

PCS Programs

1. The PCS Agent Initiated Program enables agents to request a short sale prior to listing a property or finding a buyer. Our services are not paid by the agents involved in the transaction, therefore, agents will keep 100% of their commission. We are currently working with a number of banks and have strategized programs that may allow us to receive pre-approved short sales. PCS has developed relationships with the following banks:

*Bank of America



Although the agent's client may not have a mortgage with the above mentioned bank, we may still be able to assist the agent through a traditional short sale, free of cost to the agents. Please contact PCS for further information and to see whether or not the PCS agent initiated program may work. Once eligibility is determined, the agent will be provided with a specific list of requirements suited toward the specific transaction.

2. The PCS Homeowner Initiated Program enables homeowners to request a short sale prior to finding an agent. Homeowners that qualify under this program may also qualify for relocation assistance between $2,500-$30,000. Our services are not paid by the homeowners, therefore, homeowners will be provided assistance without having to pay for our services. Please contact us for program eligibility requirements and detailed information.


Being the nation's leader in short sale negotiating and processing, all parties involved with our transactions can rest assured that PCS will provide the highest quality of service. Closing over 30,000 transactions, PCS has been provided praise by many professionals in the industry. PCS is happy to provide referrals on a requested basis.

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