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Creation of Premier Capital Solutions.

For several years Alexander Villegas, CEO and Founder of Premier Capital Solutions, recognized the need for a new company to meet the needs of a new economy.

As the financial and real estate markets have rapidly changed in recent years, he recognized a considerable need for a financial servicing solution that goes well beyond the capabilities of traditional servicers. Unlike larger servicers that were designed during low-delinquency environments, Premier Capital Solutions was created in 2009 specifically to address the growing issues in our everchanging market.

By utilizing our combined expertise totaling over 40 years and using an innovative approach to loan servicing, Mr. Villegas established a unique firm working with lenders and investors while restoring financial stability to mortgagors.

Premier Capital Solutions brings together  the expertise of complementary partnerships providing one, complete source for real estate and related services:

* Legal Services

* Real Estate

* Loan Originations

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